March 12, 2014

tooth and gale...

pagnotta di pane

at the table
mostly daydreaming
I rise with it
pondering its scent
as a psychic developmental
part plush toy rag doll blanket secure
part cloaked intention photograph
part glass mouth stealing my soul
listening in between
my inhales and exhales
the silent and roaring
histories of my breathing
coiling and uncoiling
civilization upon civilization
under the electric candle lights
of my telomere cities

conscious cell upon conscious cell
births to spawn and die
past every fat Tuesday masking
parading basking in praise
yeast to water, salt, sugar, oil,
grain, milk, heat and time

Modena on my mind
aceto balsamico
narrow winding roads
with a stone house
and hillside full
of every season
steeping bay leaves
in my tea waiting
for the bread to shine


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