April 1, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #1

veneralia e il culto di Venere

(salvation is an open, thirsty road)

soapbox and bone
pulpit to paucity sinew

water carves life
the poet says
with a circling sky
in arrested orations
we are just
the clocked discarded parts
drinking in the rain again
bodies, souls and perspectives
lurking in the turns

we root ways
the preacher says
to steal into things
from tendril birth ride
to clung hope soft and tight
from palmed hidden light
to each desiccate death
we are wanted for
we preserve order
with our reflections
posed as art and artifice
for temple scents,
baths, salt, ash
and dust

storms and calms

the wind
boils tides
into howls
and ghosts
says death only
razor-edges time
into the knives
and sharp lines
you define
yourselves with…

the wind sings
I am what seeks
your ambition
for permanence

the churches of chaos

patterned asymmetric
the forms that ye fill
are what ye bow down for
what ye bend and curve
into each pause of now
from brightly stained pain
to the fading colors
of your articulate beauty
desire is bleeding
suiting up in what
you’ve bargained
to be here for

hymnal parted algorithm

any peddler knows hustling
the poet says
by ready nose
and sight blues
what you’ve come
to this corner for
why you want to cleave
the quiet spaces clean
why conversations hint and glean
tailoring hollows into hallowed thin
sinning repentance into words and imagery

praise be god peach blossom contemplation
namaste hallelujah and blessed be
the bread broken here
is non-denominational
I see

this explains how the wind records
the preacher says
by cutting canyons
into wonder and awe
it is why
we always
want more
once sate and glory
have come and gone
why reason often dreams
saint hunger returning

fade out slow a cappella
in hidden chorus

we are
ready to shine
caught in headlights
we pass beneath stars
asking them
to drive home
collect tolls
pass plates
experience us
piece together
what they must
just remember us
ritual, sabbat
and eights



  1. wow cool blend man....the church/religeous references throughout...that whole section on preacher cutting canyons in awe and wonder and our need for more....great flow in this as well...

  2. i think you chose awesome images here... my fav being the canyons and headlights parts... grounds it wonderfully