April 11, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 11...

‘The Climax’ Aubrey Beardsley 1893
the necrophilia of Persephone

I just want
to tear
her clothes off
find where
she smiles
feed her past
my walls
gong my knee
between her legs
with an ease of light
in low morning clouds
spreading an insistence
tell her how
I do so want

but I resist
while looking out
the window
at the cool, damp Dawn
smelling everything
from shrouded lust
to undying fire
out there
is waiting
to explode

the green
is a question
to some, an answer
to others
who are you
in a surf of ideas
battlefield cemeteries
with ghosts
whispering humanity
the trees know
as do leaves
roots and bark
to drink in all
of our time here

they long form
every civilized missive
everyone of our willful acts
they see the barter exchanges
they feel what a soul is
weighted down
they re-sell
our connective tissue
the parts of us
they send us on our way with
without much money or fuss
in our pockets
for our troubles
they count coins
we count rings
we both remember

we save hair, here
our clippings and such
other parts even
whence death
doth arrive
we will then have many
macabre Victorian mementos
for sale in iron
the price of pomegranates
and our goodbyes