April 10, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 10...

promotional art from the film, ‘Traffic in Souls’  (1913)

guerrilla road kill culture poem   

driver and pedestrian
safety and seduction
the murder of reason
is on handbills that say
it cannot be stopped

concrete calling
asphalt overheard
between post
and response
on social media

holding hand grenade comments
wanting to toss them
from the ash tray
you’re parked there illegally asshole
you crossed with head phones on
fucker, I almost killed you
I need to speed
I am invincible
inside this thing

oh, my feckless humanity
its endless wanting
of an ever more
streaming vained 
pustule behavioral
burst therapies
when the rubber
meets the road

along the avenues...
giant disinfectant sprays are needed...
like the kind they use in bowling alleys for shoes...
installed on every street light...
for just the right occasions…
psychotropic applications…
image loosening people’s minds…

turning us mindful
for as long as it takes
for our soul's
predication ignorance
to end
for all of us
to stop being
sore reminders
to each other
of how far
we have to go

we are global mechanization
we are industrialized
a tied trafficked world
a squeezed nation society
we are wireless disorder
we are connected by partition
kept away from what Tesla knew
kept away by how much rain 
does or doesn't fall

everyone still hopes
someday, to find a place
that knows, how far
we have to go
to understand
impermanent elevation

an entire divine species
weaponless colonials
remembering the sound
of horses, once
the smell of flowers
after a long, long
Winter of scepters
and thrones

EJR © 

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