April 1, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 1...

Sun plunger under wire C cup East

the magi, said of resurrections
everyone is an island
wearing an Easter bonnet
put your Sunday best
all up on it

flash faceted
cut brilliance
cloth wrapped
with what digests you
roughing it, strewn
littered in maternal rain

running with scissors
sugar wants in the milk
this is how breasts are born
wanting thicker skin  
first instance they can
wrist the balconies in prayer
saying are we on it Moab

can one of you
run down
to the corner store
when we loosen the Sun
who wants some
suckle humanity
in ready-tab shades
dollar spread wades
wide legged couture  
for a counterfeit nation
of behavioral plans

here is where
we thirst
in secular crazes
we bleed velvet
to sew along
our barriers
personally I prefer
to smear myself
with sunscreen nirvana
every time a bra
falls to the floor
my skin aches  
warm lamb days
the filter in
at the end
of March

I did remember
zinc oxide comes
in many bright colors,
some of them calm nerves
or numb them
in pale yellow blues
easy leans
tilts back

peanut butter sandwiches
pocket ladder hand switches
stuffing graveyards
of dirty sweet legumes
a block away the shopkeeper
still doesn't see me
as the Sun is thrown
over my shoulder
shadows line his eyes
blind wounds, squints

I throw a burning bag
of paper money
I run away
as soon as possible
snatching every resurrection I can  
zombie baby bobbing dolls
play melodies in my head
cosine bone parades
cars are quick to mill rust
even with the plastic
gated heaven of today's
slightly snapped
affixed, lapped in chains
ton ore stretched
body styles
of every beginning
knowing every end

sulfur plays the base notes
while poets play in the hues
between scent and memory

when judges come
the chambers quiet
everyone swallows hard
believes in something quickly
dishonesty is a fine defense
but apathy gets you sentenced
and hanged with immediacy
they say, drink while you can here
there will be no breaks


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