March 31, 2013

last one before NaPoWriMo 2013...

photo by Aunt Tina © found on Aunt Tina’s Yard via Blogger

up here

swooping pitch and tuck
crows begin a chow line day time
roof top pinning stopped
to a precipice hardly missed
a squirrel, flattened the day before
on the street, pockets shadows
wades the high climb of the Sun
as March waves goodbye
frost burned and kept somewhat fresh
each crow tears into found flesh
with fervency and the whole day ahead
shiny things sped to nest
human as murder
with invincible dividing lines
between what bodies become words
and the hold of cries raking the sharps
against how soft clay steals
the formations of my decay

I got used to stealing anything I could
penny candy, baseball card packs
wax bottles and the occasional comic book
on the turnstile tall rack near the front
of the store, I’ve run in small forevers
waiting to be caught in the poetry
stabbing the coin operators
I go from getting high on fumes
to drinking the contrails burning the night
despite the warning signs everywhere
that say, "I will fall"
I think the trees might catch me
but they would just as soon impale my ass
because they keep reaching up
where I've already been and
they don't understand gravity
like I do, they have patience and
the reach of every mechanism
nature intended to wait us out with
Spring cannot come soon enough
I am already crazy, flowered and
gone to seed
do I need to bleed again
to show you why I like
being up here
where flesh fails
to hold my soul
bite by bite
day time turning
again to night


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