March 9, 2013

inside a walled city's serenity...


                                 your red cross card says B positive

       I said to her, do you know the difference between what sews the needle into pain and me?, I have control issues, I am mentally ill, crazy is what those intolerant will say, I've abused amphetamines because of it, why is there dark plastic covering all the windows, she said, no worries, I'll wrap your wrists in silk before the cuffs go on, there seemed little noise after the constraints were put upon me, I looked for a normal window and found nothing but walls, trying to remember what birds call to, I recalled there might be figs on plates in a room away and I thought, about the better times, the sweet taste of my gilded inflection rung over the phone, I remember we are all derived from seed, and it is a deserved vengeance that preys upon me now

       she turns to me smiling and says with a bit of relish in her voice, can you play with words the way you play with me, she says, can you smooth thou skin, submit thou hair, surrender and bare your parts to my raw, untamed desire, my thirst to hear your stuttered breathing, may I wash myself in what you are bleeding out onto the floor, are you there upon the mantle, is that where your senses have been, hanging on to dust like old trophies, why do you seek stolen stars, why do you bow, time and time again, to your craving of dark velvet to paint over, are you beyond the bare arms of trees near toward Spring awaiting what your reflections will say when your tyranny of souls begins to see itself in mirrored silver glass, are my simple desires to be filled too much for you now, Edward, can you still hear the quiet calls to fame, must you crawl for answers to know, what is thy name, you know a dildo of god is just a dog food lid, trying to stretch meals into loaves and fishes, why then do you tell me to speak no more when you do still listen with your eyes wide open, Edward, Edward, Edward, why is still, your favorite question, is it not ?


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