March 8, 2013

milk, flour, eggs...

photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt ©

a patty cake snow day

meteorology is a science
between the magic
of wide-eyed expression and
the tiny lives of dust removed
from oceans and rivers 
thrown into the skies
the weather is a disguise
we learn to fall 
in love during Winter 
frozen in hexagonal rain

women know what to do
for bread and death
kneading life into vignettes
mooring it to dreams
sliced and spoken
spinning it into tokens
that we pocket and carry
all our pin-wheeled serenades
of remembering songs
we sang at Summer camp

we look with longing
out the windows
there is a sea of white
there's no school today
we are sleeping in
hip hip hooray
the weekend has come
early and often and
it is time to fire up
the ovens and
the stones
time to make cakes
breads and scones


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