March 9, 2013

another one...

art by Michael Hutter ©

the balance of control mechanisms

waning Sun
drip focus chattel
sound the snow
melt the bird wings
collect souls
bare them to branches
sing Brigid's songs
clamor for seed
for need of chalice
trumpet, sword and wand
who are you
the wind whispers
when you are alone
why have you gathered light
do not pocket desire
if you cannot spill
your blood to drink
do not pocket anything
to carry beyond hope
for it alone takes love
past humanity's grasp
and hurls it
into lands of atonement
there is no need to bleed
so profusely to fill
a bank account
or purpose a history
the whelps of hounds
are bred to track and chase
the heavy parts of your bones
button down your need
for a quiet world
you are no longer able
to spin so fast and
out of control
I will give you machines
I will give you places
to lean your head
and cry yourself
to sleep


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