January 3, 2013

today is a good day to watch the carve of time...

painting by N.C. Wyeth ©

death be not proud

when we rest it need
not be loud or something
to display like the Sun
just past perihelion
beyond the slake of clouds
the crows are amassed
waiting for the passengers
journeying to the other sides
of things to complete rings
of redemption, red-shifting
all the songs of our humanity
to ash and dust again

and here we stand
at the edge
of every embark
nearer to where
we are a purity
of intention fueling flight
we are life in reeds
in tides, in rolled sleeves
in deceives behind curtains
we are certain of outcomes
as only being 
a temporary permanence

we are assured of nothing
in this voyage we call life
only the longest of views
only how far hope burns bright
into any darkness
that we dare look into
as the light of Dawn might
by all our calculations
belong in every situation
that challenges us
and it does 
if we are willing 
to pinch our fingers together
bringing the beginnings
and ends of things full circle

we desire to be strong
we desire to be needed
we desire to bleed out
and start anew
and after every wave goodbye
we desire to wait 
for an echo
of hello that says
don’t worry, I’m fine



  1. You've helped to make walking through a very difficult day much easier. Your words are soothing and as always, I love the last stanza especially. I love you x

    1. that's what friends do...use our gifts for a better purposed world...namaste :^)