January 2, 2013

a world of forget-me-nots, knotting them into bouquets...

Raphael Shilhav ©

giving it all up for identity

the slings and arrows
the sparrows carrying messages
the thens and right nows
the plugged into moments
the electrical nurse maids
I want more milk
more warm thirsty desire
a nice piece of land and
a few acres or so with
a small house and tillable soil
a barn and some animals
around roaming
I want to garden
I want to leave the frenzy
of modernity behind

just don't take away my internet
because friends are hard to find
face to face these days
I promise to conserve energy
share my harvests
wear the spaces
between nature and cultivation
the best I can
do not worry if I become silent
a good book and a fervency for creativity
allows that much quiet portal gain

remember me, world
I am forever in love
with wonder and awe
in an always partly cloudy view
the kind masquerading those
like me that happen to be insane
so if I forget to call and
you don’t hear from me at all
while worrying where I might be
just watch the wind and smell the trees
they will know where I am
where the poem is
where you can find
each part of the wheel turning
toward the Sun again


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