December 29, 2012

well now, did you expect me to stop where each entrance admission was surrender...

photo by Andrzej 13 ©

question the sorrow brigades, mister barkeep

tactical response teams
circle boulevard yellow
sodium snowshoes
did you say
you would foot
the bill

humanity as
a spill vine
climbs where desire
does not want to go
any more than it has too
to get the bread baked

the spread, luscious fats
a warm strung staccato
under traffic light rhythms
fills rooms, full of dirt
searching for rain

so you said
that was your name
but you didn’t say
you had game enough
to come where correct
wasn’t another
mouth to feed

burrow borrow
barrio borough
didn’t we know
cramped quarter selfish
meant pitting division
as a holier mathematics

do we think
a future past
knowing its own
presence isn’t needed

power of attorney
slapped against crazy
is lazy outside the glass
is the sweet flower
of a, I don’t give a fuck
why raise a flag
at all crowding
when to decide
to start drinking
early and often enough
to find a cozy corner
of memory to dive into

I remember when bars
were anonymous and
speculation was only
about getting laid


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