December 28, 2012

hands of the watch, hands of the watch, no one is ever late, you are all in time...

photo by Robin Loznak ©

spotted with the tea

spread jam or
break bread with me
let’s see life
as an owl waiting
a pro-biotic bacteria culture
a living in the swoop shadows
of conversations implied
let’s row, slipped past
dusty parades of moonlight
just behind the trees
these conifers provide
something to tuck
into our hems
little bough breaks
where velvet pincers take
each capability and
pauses us all
long enough
to feed souls
makes us wonder
enough to remember

a baby
warm nestles
inside, a cut quick
to the eyes
we are humanity
we are frenzies and
chemical bridges
to the romantic
cave drawings
of every story we tell
we say things like
we tried on
every bled fabric
to fit in or cover
our skin some way
to feel to the outside
of being hung heavy
with thickened replies
the scent of innocence
in each one of us
still holds, deep or not
a blade against
where we cry

each of us is born
burning fire
in the form
of the questions
why and who
why put out someone else’s gleam
why not feed pleasure to someone
why take away from their dreams
why not understand what makes another smile
why not dance with your humanity
out from behind the veil
why not maddeningly, joyfully entertain yourself
in the most varied brush strokes possible
why not belly laugh until you’re full
why not, why not, why not
stay for another cup or two
the bubble and spit of a rich stew
is waiting for the bread to be done too
so why not stay here, a little while longer
and find out who’s who, who’s me, who’s you


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