December 29, 2012

bottling time again, could you spare a dime for the deposit

Planar scintigraphy of a Jaszczak phantom containing Er-165 found at

what pours chance

maniacal and diabolical, the id and ego, play Chinese checkers everyday

this cradle to coffin ring
is a fingerprint completion
of a potentiality to kinetic
displacement of auger electrons
intention, sent around the spun wheel
the impact of a thought’s ionization
is in corner geometry and gravity
rolling the dice for every fissure
of tomorrow tracing glass, inside of you

all of reason wants them to stop

we buy into desperation
it is in our desire for flights
fancy to base instinct savored pains
our many flavors, critical to plain as day
are the mirrors we seek, without wings
for feathers are the birds domain and are
as much artifice in the grasp of humans
as anything else could ever be
mastering surrender, meaning
everything's on a string

in their games, we roam their open worlds to close ourselves in

all the portal rain
Johnny apple-seeds
even the odd feeding 
of my dreams
each nightly tilled garden row
fills with what clocks grow inside me
the runner vines and climbed highs 
the reaches beyond any capacity 
to understand myself
inside and outside
the tiniest and 
most open of spaces
where I am caught
in the unimaginable paces
of racing, trying to distill
my frenzy to a sip


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