December 27, 2012

sneaky faun, chain, watch and Dawn...

art by Robert Mackenzie, property of LucasFilm Ltd.

the odd archery of carnivorous tampons

Mr. Tumnus
are you among us
do you understand
the happy rites
have you seen
tonight’s little wavers
have you felt
the turn press of stars

they all seem to know
how to wield sharps
soft enough, to bite
through the skin of time

they all seem to know
what withhold means
cupping palms of shine
in pocketed passing glances
as if splendor is found
in every meteor's chances
sight fights for many 
before the vanish

Mr. Tumnus
are you among us
do you know, a wish
is supposed to be
a happy flight
a smile on lead
life’s bowsprit
off on another
tangent, bleeding


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