September 23, 2012

poem 339 of a poem a day for 2012

the emotional Pantanal when praying to the Goddess as prey

do you want to roast marshmallows I ask
probably she says
she burns things with her eyes
she said, she never meant to at first
then grew to love the razed smell of wild
in the silhouettes of abandoning
the structure of being kept
against the mossed pines
outside the windows of time
that seasonal flooded plains and rivers are
each easy payment of tomorrow
is in the slow bleed of the lust we feel
and need to feed on with today

do you love big hipped women
who are sexual aggressive
but willing to submit
when they want to find a vulnerable
that is not an easy palace of surrender
she asks me, jaguar purring
at the edge of a pool
of glowing caiman eyes
will you drink more of me in right here
she says, I would like to fuck you
in the morning too
no matter what color your eyes are
when I am pretending to still be sleeping
just waiting for you to climb courage
enough for me to ride you
as I dream and watch my whispers
turn to moans with my hand slid
down my torso spelling out heaven
in their slow motions

wait she says
I want you to wade my anticipation of love
and admit that sex is an in through
the back door portal of how boomeranged
we are letting go of those things
that come back to the wet spot
staining the clay banks 
and clawed mangrove roots
with the encroachment of concrete
and early apples falling on our heads
with the high potency of a tamed sky
that wants us burning the air first
to crisp our skin and crack our wills
waiting through the leans

she says
as she prepares to bite
do you like me
with a smile
and a pocket full of go for it
ready to release bones
in the folds of each limb
you swim with
to dry land
in this rainy season


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