September 24, 2012

poem 340 of a poem a day for 2012

mourning what used to eat me for breakfast

in the cold air
October is coming through September
baring the loss of Summer well
Demeter is carrying spades
slung over her shoulders
like well drawn threshed grains
seeding the ways the womb pays
for our humanity despite
being inhumane to our divinity

in America we sew stone faces
onto a wooden cross
with our cost of being
apocalyptic revolutionaries
turned to rear view mirror danglies
with scare tactic bumper stickers
peacefully applied in universal fonts
that only incite riots on receipts
of the cheap we run with
in the thinning herds
of horded toilet paper
and other dry goods
that hold odd behavior in contempt
while lock stepping the two dimensional savor
of savior-ing our conformity of numb

fuck the hypocrisy of the American family
we are Margaret Mead nuclear zombies
paraded from wall street to main street
and all the dirty sheets in cul-de-sacs
between what I used to think
of as life completed
empty of the simplest of pleasures

when I did acid for the first time
I realized my own family abandoned me
and knew they would repeat the cycle
with my own children because of me
I mean they have excuses
leaning between time constraints
and the haints of the emotional baggage
they carry on their crusades for normalcy

sure I am not an easily discerned man
but I know I am a loving man
beyond repair with a heart and soul
leaking what blooms inside me
like a sieve trying to hold the sea
inside each moment that captures me
my certainty is my faith in the tides
and its carves of time
it gets me back to the water everyday
even if just to say I love you
with my smile in the Dawn
reflected back at me



  1. Stunning. Thought-provoking. As usual.

  2. rocked this....whew....the bumper sticker slogans wont save anything if we dont put something behind them...nice inclusion of margaret mead....ha...zombies....oy...ripper of a poem man...

  3. The last stanza is just gorgeous.

  4. I always like your work.
    "the womb pays
    for our humanity despite
    being inhumane to our divinity" impressive.