September 20, 2012

poem 334 of a poem a day for 2012

dark genesis wading

before Dawn
unfurls the curls
of bed sheets
to burn memory
into exposed skin
like the oil sheens
atop the puddles

you seek the sky
and I give it to you
on silvered tongued platters
one electron against
what is the matter
at a time
do you find
the magnets too close
I whisper
do you find them
attracted to the velvet
do you find me
between where
you gain entrance
to your undone
do you find yourself
bare and ready to run

she likes that
she said
and with a blink
and wink
and deft dance move
to the dark again
I went about
eating pie again
hips bucking
and arching ancient designs
that thrust through
molecular thin divides

where does the rain stop
and the thirst begin
damning fingers
chariots and chins
with broken wheels
for royalty
just deal me
into your cards again
she moans deal me
into the sand
into the point-wear
of the waves
carving me around
the sounds inside me
into what crawls
from toe to mouth
I say rigging the lights
down the south pole
to north again
to bounce the rainbows
back inside each shake
of the trees
at the water's edge
scaring the beasts
into hairless wonders
and museums pieces
do I fit in there
I'll try anyway
to find the glide motion
and potions of try it
try it again to please

little by little
the landscapes change
the hunger burns
the edges of the forests
to the tops
of the silhouetted trees
and you hear the mad cackles
in the deep waters
curing your feet
of walking in the wet spots
the wet sand
the hands that hold you
when what you want
isn't always there

ghosts are raining
past the rain
and into our mouths

just be
in these sheets
I say
be neat little fades
behind my closed eyes
be undone
be the squeeze of my toes
be some kind of animal
yet to be discovered
be untamed
be what the stars
want from you
through any open window
be an incomplete
be waiting for something new
be yourself
be me
be the clasp
of a small purse
with old coins
you’re saving to toss
in the well
of a moment
that captures you
be between where songs
find the right words
be here
be there
be everywhere
or anyone
you want to be
just please
be here
with me


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