September 20, 2012

poem 335 of a poem a day for 2012

why, I forget

with Autumn beginning
and my dashboard lit
I see what’s hidden
in bled leaves that sit
silently passing the cemetery
it is not nearly as scary
as the waning echo
of the crickets
under the stars
pulling at sleeves
not tipping their cards

we need to go now
they say and find
a coin-ferry passage of sugar
to ripen the stains
upon our lips
to table a feast
to calm the beasts
with music and catharsis
across the spectrum
of analysis
I didn’t know my father
as anything other
than a bogeyman
or should I say
a placemat of blame
in the game children play
in single parent land

so I developed my skills
my legerdemain of laughter
with anything that fills
the sleight of hand
away from my quiet pains
there are no rabbits
in black hats
there are just holes
where my soul goes to
when I want to be alone

so I sing
I write
I glide along the viscosity
on the meniscus
of my transient emotions
and I call down the electricity
as often as I can
static charge myself
as a man with no plan
other than to be right here
and right now
with someone
with anyone
who at least wants
to understand
that I don’t understand
who I am sometimes

my past is
a ghost portal rain
it lets me explain
that this concerto
on the radio
has words
I say to myself
in the car
when I am driving
beneath a crescent glow
and swollen western hems
that are seed glory stories
told, just for sport
to throw off
the scent
of my memory


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