September 5, 2012

poem 307 of a poem a day for 2012

where to stand to see the pond

the boreal forests
are being cut down
for tar sand and
the extraction
of long process petroleum
even the dinosaurs would know
this is not the way to go
we need not to find more
sources of black gold
as much as develop
sustainability outside
these carbon dated footprints
walking along waiting
for the next great asteroid
on a perpetual eve of destruction

Mayan calendrical madness
in the United States
it is a Presidential election year
and we the plebes
are being treated as erection sleeves
and not the kind that might
glove pleasure either
we have been fried
cajoled and chattered
stricken in a bind
from what matters
while all the chickens
have come home to roost
just to find the hen house
is laden with rabid foxes
waiting for more

the scary survival mechanisms
that are locked into our DNA
from the ancient past of being
lower on the food chain
drives technology to take us
to the Moon yet we still swoon
for the rich divisions of wealth
beyond hard work and good ideas
to somehow protect us

it is as if every wizard of Oz
came ballooning through the clouds
and plopped down 10 percent
and borrowed the rest
to hoist the deeds into their pockets
while sticking us with a debt laden humanity

wall street
fleet street
fleece meat
peace mete
the lease is up
and the eviction notice
is on the ready
can you be steady
with only hope in your eyes
when the changelings
are ding-a-ling puppets
on a string to take the blame
to shade purpose
to hide the real estate
prospecting in space

eventually the Earth
in our current state
will be a blank state
and evolve around
the viral contamination
of mankind’s
giant leaps, reaped
with greed and sown rape
by decrees and disease
that says, it is all ours
because our might says so
so if any of you protest
the rest of us will laugh
and get high or drunk
so we don’t have to look
out the windows anymore

those wizards know
they don’t need curtains
for they are certain
we want to be blind to this
and know the line
behind which we will all stand
waiting for pieces of Heaven
to fall as manna and
kiss us back
into a princely race again


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