September 4, 2012

poem 306 of a poem a day for 2012

Mare Tranquillitatis

under the wane of a blue Moon
Labor Day is a passive way
for the official rituals of Summer
to end in the United States
and though I know where
I might look for the curls
of my humanity receding
bleeding through the leaves
so that my tranquility can
stay with my eyes fixed on Her

the schools have now opened
and millions of bright young minds
are being grounded with recitation
and a slot system that measures
their worth outside their dreams
while they are sold a continual cycle
of hope and decline for something new
that begins again and again in this land
touting its freedom to be who you want to be
that doesn’t seem so free as the brochures
that we call textbooks and news organs, sells it as

no freedom isn’t free anymore
nor is it good enough for me
I want salvation
I want ecstasy
I want a Goddess next to me
whether weathering weather
by the open window leans
with the feel of Her flesh
between my lips and the seams of lust
that night rips open gently at first
staining Her name against my sky
this is what I want
what I need
my inner child to be done crying
these songs of something I am not
something that fits a spot
somewhere on the stage
where aging is part of
a telomere breakdown symphony
we have woven into anthems
with fast cars, open roads
and the endless oceans
of our mouths wanting 
more than all our
purposeful hungry souls
could ever eat into

I wonder as I look out
at the low slung clouds
blanketing the memory 
of last night's shine
could She ever be just mine
to pocket and to fine
or am I just another poster child
like Uncle Sam
saying I want you
to understand
you are nothing here
without your hands
bound by these ritual chains
and behind the glass tides
that once kept beauty
still sleeping


1 comment:

  1. very cool...i like the sleeping beauty reference there in the end....and your setting it in place...the end of a season...the kids going back to school and all and wondering too where is love...