August 27, 2012

poem 287 of a poem a day for 2012

crane neck speeding

slow everything
to bite size
use your hands
waving gravity
through seed-headed sway

cricket bells and
dreams of the easy grease
are coating the rivers
with candle wax and

this tells me
the Earth knows
we’ve come
to suck Her blood
She knows 
to bite back
with hurricanes
tornadoes and
slow freezes in
stuck cloud cold
with easy bake cancers
woven in the pollen
of our make-shift gardens
in two dimensions
our man-made
our charade of
finding a way
without climbing
so we can
plant a flag and
call that perception
we have of a top
a king

but sleeps enters
and everyone sleeps
and then
we know better and
let every dream bleed
cut our soul
with tiny razor time

we count past
three dimensions
Love, we say
as we have come
to know of it
fucks with the weather and
turns it into
advent calendars

become wordless
they smile
steal language
tell us
in exhales
to burn
we can
as a passion


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