August 27, 2012

poem 288 of a poem a day for 2012

tongue fucking with Persephone

subtle wading
breezy leaves
scatter velvet sound
tells me
to close my eyes
and smell deep Autumn
traced in the whispered
wet sandy air

a wind
driven rain
is scoring time
in painted dry
Summer pieces
tining its skin
on the turn

a root vegetable
slow boil burns
you inside to out
as a few
crimson orange leaves
spell the admission
to another end
another paraded

you begin
the feasting
in a hurrying
to drink it all in
life in the scent forests
of your hair and lusty manner

I am scurrying to
catch what catch can
peeling back my veneers

you are
diamond-cutting me
raw, to a ready
to a hone
from a bend
of bone
to a hole
in my soul
plugged with
a sensation
for every poem
that gets in
when I kiss


1 comment:

  1. This piece is alive and your last stanza gathers it all together into perfection.