August 26, 2012

poem 286 of a poem a day for 2012

spell man

the sown prop
is the stick
you catch fire here
says the gasoline man
and right over there
we bottle everything
but intent and a dirty rag

Jericho was razed
by will and starving
the trapped like Summer
leaving late born insects
with tiny cuts and
a primordial insistence
on eating and
fucking and
tightening the eggs

the pearling of wishes
is just looking back at things
finding where every smile went
hunting for billowy seeds
milkweed pod little vaginas
in turn wheel focus
on the carve of wind
finding the born dew and
the fat against
blades of grass
drinking shadow warmth
cupping it into
something ripe and
and rising

the odd smell of about
to burn or bleed is everywhere
it is at a peel ready
easy to lean into moment
knowing tilled Autumn
is side belly streaming Moons
in a deep embrace of water and
lighting fires from the inside out
telling all of us to keep
all of our living green worlds
where dreams can still get to them


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