August 9, 2012

poem 266 of a poem a day for 2012

envelope painter

will you help me find my third rail
my strategic naked ape paradox
will you bring me back
to a here every time
will you know
which light pollution-less
sky is mine
in this world of ours
with too many flags
too many walls
yellowed with sodium sorrow
I mean we are free to do anything here
we just can’t do it freely
for instance
when we walk the dog
picking up the shit
with plastic bags
to dispose of it
with disdain
we express 
a sense of incredulous 
like it wasn’t a warm
part of life at one time
am I that insane to think
maybe we shouldn’t
have as many dogs domesticated
maybe the disappearing wilds
in nature can be enhanced
with the chained wild
that our humanity claims
is spiritual evolution
though for sure it only looks
like its revolutionary
because words today
are certain to be selling you
something along the way
to defang your sharp edges

so while we are free to do it anywhere
there is just a price
to be paid here
in labor rules
in capitalism root hunger
in profit in blood and bone
in the stars and bars
in the private prisons
in their public angle shine

so if you decide to help me
you must know I will stay indoors
turn off the TV and
listen for the hook wings
of every far away
every act every play
every slow finger nicely game
for every laugh
for who will make dinner
and who will start dessert first
for keeping the scent of sex nearby
whenever the shit hits the fan
and a depravation-chambering of the rain
gets the first call
for restoration 
for re-emulsification
for stringing lightning 
for yoking fire 
for salting knives that carve time
into our hollows
because this is
where our memories go
to be color in the grooves
to be the dug in spun record
playing wet clay rhythm sounds
to be two hands cupped together
for more please
to be the view of electrocution
to be a perfect nose of circumstances
to be loomed into words and dejavu
to be dance partners in silence
to be wanting to steal everything
that births between water and explaining
why I can’t stop crying jagged spawn bleeds
why I can’t stop crawling onto the canvas again


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  1. I cant find the right words to do this one justice so will just say..bravo.