August 9, 2012

poem 265 of a poem a day for 2012

psst, secret enlightenment is a casino vacation

no whistle stop
or freight train-ing
the echoed distance
in the haze pinned
to the stars
capturing streetlight
and memorializing the water
in the slowest kind
of pouring rain
I envelope this
put it in my pocket
I surrender to bliss
in the beaded morning
on the window
only it isn’t morning yet
and many here forget
that admission
is half your soul
to get in

and you must wager
your other half
if you want
to get out
if ever want
to be whole again
though some here must
like the paper crowns
and noise makers
I do not
I‘ll take a sly smile
and eyes that give
eyes that direct
silent knowing

I tell myself
not to count
too many things
on the ride in
from my very own
depot in the doppler-dark
of running away from
who I am
the spark
corded moments
that crucibles make
don’t want to be
counted, anyway
questioning too
at times as to
really, why, I am here

I came to gamble
for my life
wearing a double-breasted suit
and banded Fedora
and carrying
but a desire 
for more
out of everything
life had to offer

why did you come?
why did you get on?


1 comment:

  1. "I came to gamble for my life..." Wonderful stanza, wonderful write x