August 10, 2012

poem 267 of a poem a day for 2012

riding to find where you have hooded my mythological  

I am leaping into the flames
because escaping is only the velocity
of being afraid
of flying to falling
of capturing
my innermost fire’s gleam
my eyes are too easily sold as
lanterns as fences and no trespassing signs
while my nose knows better
they say stay here awhile
watch the bending algorithms
from the near iron in her exhales
and how metal forges bridled bits
in her hand cupped sand

this is silhouetted play and
a forest clocked full of day
that knew a scent path
with a soul in a basket
with an empath with a soul tasked to
leaving little clues behind for me
watching me try to remember
the way home while pretending
she doesn’t want me to be
the wolf or panther that finds her
alone and prepared for a slow savor
for taking the raking in of her wild dew
any detour from here is just another lure
away from the bend of the Moon
from the crescent wane
bellying up the pines and oaks
perfect champagne glass breasts
hold back the rain
enough to sip and lip
each flavor in the salt

as this meal 
is just another page
turned in the oldest
of our storied books
the ones written
before time knew
to parse infinity
into increments
and mementos
that we use
to tell the tales
of lust and desire
not being as important
as Love as a canvas
and those hearths
we seek to warm
ourselves in


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