July 9, 2012

poem 224 of a poem a day for 2012

nectar part three an angel conversation  aka
don’t forget to cover your eyes with thick glasses, Edward

inside the lean
inside the wean too
a suckle vine careen
to what’s seen here
in the dark
all depends on you
how much do you like
to swim upstream
how do you like
finding the right dream
to ripen between
what you are leaning on and
what you are weaning yourself from
on the other side
of the fenced gum tree parade
harboring all the sticky shade
that the trees don’t cover you with anymore
your life is baked into the ground now
like it is used to be
a call part of the water
not some memory of saws
in paper doll daughter chains and
bright toothed sharp desire
on fire in the harp slide of Sun
rising West bound thin
and climbing sin high enough
to hound the endless line
of your ego

you draw fingers into little
mouths in the dust
that are always
waiting for more
of you to rust
waiting for more
of you to cut down
and chew
into digestible bits
so go ahead and spit
into the windmills Edward
and have yourself
the back story
of washed glory gone awry
wondering, ever wondering why
you remember that
you so love for her to rain
when your soul is dry


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