July 10, 2012

poem 225 of a poem a day for 2012

looking out

I noticed I was
from wanting her
I had leapt deep 
into the dark green boughs
vining plums and
midsummer things
mining the passing clouds
stealing the spill
shaving the quiet
turning it into fantasies near sleep

I am silk bound
waiting, brick building anticipation
layering dimension inside
the slow capture of her rhythm
slow praying, a thousand ways
to say this is pure
this is how souls
take animal form
to feed
to veil to unveil
to show work in the margins
to sign and date each page
to salt dreams
rubbing hands together
and saying things
behind closed eyes
making up languages
in whatever sounds
come out
when we exhale

whenever another moment stops
to take notice of how much
we can pay in molecular attention
how long until we can 
begin wet claying the magic
I imagine I am painted in your breathlessness
I am ripening in your lust near Dawn
with a sharp ready intention
to unfurl fire to your sugar cane
to sift and silt the tensing
arching and releasing
that hearts and limbs do
pulse twining
a motor blind
burning need
to be scratched  
into this field of night

we chant
we whisper
all the names we know
in the let go calculus
the sown subtleties
formulate the tides
beneath every word
between the shhh
and the don’t stop
howling for the answers
to this ritual game
of find another spot
surrender brings you to


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