July 8, 2012

poem 223 of a poem a day for 2012

voyaging a dream sequence

you and me
tide water kingdom shopping
erupted velvet slip curtain doors
moorings untied
knotted wood grain
in writhe and uncoil
in foil wrapped charm
painting sequins
with moonlight
to fit every angle
just right
to plot every course
just to the moment of
majestic discovery
in slow lips and
the cupped geometry
of what we are
our pockets of

the rumpled silhouettes
of all the city-states
that rise in
what we had shed
at the foot
of the bed
for more
food to eat
for more
cargo to unload
for more
bounty to share
that cannot
be written
this molecule
to molecule
binding that is
a fool finding
passage through
the dead light
of stars
that is the reminder
to know
that the smell
of what memory
gives birth to
never needs
words to savor
a smile
in the dark


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