June 25, 2012

poem 199 of a poem a day for 2012

I want to carve your body in the Summer sky, feasting on your succulence

pocket my poem
tuck it right there
arrange the choral writhe
of my base calculus
tell me where
there is a story
in each glimpse
you have taken
of my forever madness
tell me that anything
is possible

tell me that
I am a clever monkey  
that I blink what I think
that I am an eager entertainment
that I am a running cup
bladed with smiles meant to fool
that I am a chiromantic
disengagement of your resolve
that I am an intra-cellular hypnosis
that I am why dreams crawl blind
that my will is an actor
that I am a suckling pagliacci
belly laughing with lust
leading my heavenly falls

tell me this while
I am savoring everything
about my wingless flights
wondering if I can sense
a proximity of absolution
wrapped in dissolve

I am finger painting fantasies
onto each fall
each one is a green light
to go just about anywhere 
with what anything goes to bare

for instance
spilling from the catch basin
full green reach of the maples
in the gloaming dagger
dappled lean of courted shadows
are the drunk-calling
rise-trilling seed-birds
trembling fat 
with exhales of wax
that regale to please

you and your crescent hold
are the bold wet parts
of my self war’s bliss
this blessing 
I am guessing
is something
that tells me
I’ll be telling you
is the sweetest
I have tasted yet


1 comment:

  1. I like the finger painting fantasies and self war's bliss ~