June 26, 2012

poem 200 of a poem a day for 2012

Vesuvius on the side of the road

I am leaving
for alone
to atone
to let everyone
find my bones
in a hundred year grind
bleached into a ghost of my breath
in a sudden lung fill
of hot ash and mental breakdowns
raining the words
waiting for the Sun
through the clouds
a life of shrouded blades
of supple tippled fingered leaves
these trees are the courtesans
of my orbits in rings that please
the bell jar herds of rabbit holes
and their sharp teeming lemming desire
I want I want I want
I am stone wheeling
each tiny infinity
as a large part of somebody else’s
small cup of hopefully ever-after
or maybe possibly could be
just the dust that gathers
and clings to the banners
hung in the rafters
that remark on what my passages
in hand sewn letters did for
who won what where when
and why of course I am leaving
this place of competition
for something more subtle
than jousting for hearts
with skin under my nails
I am on the side of the road
bleeding new songs in old rhythms
sticking my tongue out
for a ride home somewhere
where life isn’t just a poem
waiting out the coal gray blues  


1 comment:

  1. Again, you close with six spectacular lines. Well done poet.