January 30, 2012

poem 31 of a poem a day for 2012 (early,early in honor of the Robert Burns Beret tossing event tonight...)

asymmetrical exit string

King Minos 
has become drunk
and he is
speaking in tongues 
to the crowds
at the wedding of Ariadne
and Bacchus

there will rise
from the sea
to Crete
a young challenger
a champion of plebe
and I will say
what have you to offer
the theater today

what can I do
to make sure
it looks like
I fairly leveled
the sands
in drawn circles
that combat
my intentions
to know and design
the outcomes
and wear them
as providence

this, so that I might feed
him to the Minotaur
unmentioned or at least
in a way that says
the kid will have 
deserved it
and I knew to lock
away all my maidens
lest I befall
the fate of Priam,too

a silence enters here
at the seal fate of 
his death wish

the chorus echoes
a nautilus drone

you are too drunk
with power and riches
and all these things
will bind you

EJR (c) 

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