January 31, 2012

poem 32 of a poem a day for 2012 (for the Goddess)

thaw my wheel, Brigid

every chance 
I've taken
petal falls
wind to skin
the begin of 
each cycle
nautilus thins
wound desires 
calling out to
wombs again

I stretch limber climb 
vine slow at first
then to inch crawl
tendril burst
or at least
where the ripe of me 
pools your tides' birth
in the undulations
in these fingers
traced from 
every dead star
to all the wet clay
into what 
your hands
can form me to
into what
your hands
can press me through
into what 
my skin and 
hollowed bones
take flight with
clouds to loam
in a tilling
in a spilling
towards you
and home 

EJR (c)

1 comment:

  1. This is very seductive. These are my favorites:

    "petal falls
    wind to skin
    the begin of
    each cycle
    nautilus thins"

    "I stretch limber climb"