January 29, 2012

poem 30 of a poem a day for 2012

Hecuba Rising

shore lined fires
let the water 
know where
to bleed fury 
against the 
rushing to Troy
willed to destroy
with vanity that 
always falls 
on the sword
running from it's tides

Cassandra and Helenus
tend the ravens
keep them hungry
as they piece back
Promethean liver
find the ample 
suckle of Dawn
a few minutes 
earlier than most
they curve time
slip between 
the seams
and what seems
the wake peel 
of dreams
and the surf crash
of what fates 
a morning

a thousand 
ship armada
righteous in anger
comes to sack 
the walled city
fairest maiden and 
her robber prince
stuck as Damocles
on his knees
for a beauty
that came with 
a heavy price
of burn


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