January 25, 2012

poem 26 of a poem a day for 2012

a Winter vine-trembled satiro cadenza

all my seas 
have always roared
in a somewhat 
haphazard sequence
for her

bellowing lunatic whispers 
in some odd-tongued instrumentals
each slurried mandala 
each sand drawn down 
each hand she hones 
each curl-horned sound 
of her pulling me into
each high-hat crash of her velvet shudders
each lash of her subtle masses
each beauty that lasts 
each chaos that blasts
into her blooms
finger-picking past me 
clasping the taut string rooms
I've kept waiting, just to see me
fill-sipping in her coalesce again

everything turns to wine 
when my soles move coal
to diamond good and I am
patient enough to wade 
past the could nots and 
into what tides knot and
into what I pay for 
with oceans of afterbirth
and the value of 
how luscious 
any lasting note 
of her can be 
swirling in every 
held sin I see
so that the wind 
can taste me
when I exhale 
just how assuredly 
she breathes me 
into her releases
as every poem
is another need 
that ceases

EJR (c)

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, this is good!

    "pulling me into
    each high-hat crash of her velvet shudders"

    "just how assuredly
    she breathes me
    into her releases"