January 27, 2012

poem 27 of a poem a day for 2012

patina piano

even your humanity
could be vanquished
into an antiquity
of an old song
telling the sons
and daughters
of your every Eve
to stay
stuck inside
the certainty of
running tired

sing every line of the chorus
as if it's your last supper,Edward

or I could
just keep writing
the chaos onto
the voices into
another poem
another fragment
another bleed
another pageant
another need

let every thing fall
watch what gravity paints
throwing bottles overboard
to message my hopes
against the waves of neon
against the concrete seas
there's an advantage
here,huddled knees
don't seem too odd
or shuffled too out of place
your face looks familiar as well
didn't I see you last month or so
pictured at the post office wall
or is that all
another figment of fear
I have very near
the heart of me
and although dark
is only a temporary
color for me
it is more than
a permanent feeling
it is part of my 88 keys
part of my spun silhouettes
that chord capture
my candled rents
the flickers of my moment's notice
and the sound of my beg-crawling
over the broken glass again

sandpaper sonatas
smooth the details of
if I write that
will it suck more
than the last poem
just shut the fuck up
and write something

EJR (c)

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