April 29, 2018

a found way, eventually ... #NaPoWriMo2018 Day 29

the streams 
I've followed  
with choice gravity 
each a sheen 
a bird's feathers 
coriander flowers 
Tennessee's blue children 
joyful, ever ascendant near 
precipice care watchers 

the walls I create  
merely keep me in 
line in league inceptualized 
the gardens dug 
allow me flight 
in the roots of things 
I wish bloomed and fruited 

rituals on Sundays here 
state sated taters 
have to have cheese 
and bread crumbs 
drummed over them 

this poem will now
 nose dive hem lines e.g. 

this afternoon 
feels like snow 
Wind Moon 
Beltane wants us to howl 
to nostril flare 
dare our necks 
craned soul 
free will  
and fate 
a few dances 
before Autumn 
comes again 
and all I you we 
 want to do 
is lose ourselves 
in love's  
what the hell 
again, as any other
form of surrender 
will not do 

poem never knows 
or rather I never know when 
the words come 
for instance today 
it was me imagining you 
saying it is cold again 
and grab another blanket 

we f****** like crazy persons 
missing travel timeless deciders  
eye riders, wader rivulets, wax and sliders, 
a cold Sunday afternoon waiting, waiting 
on this 

EJR © 

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