July 4, 2017

And to label someone as miscreant based on predicate massaged generational corporate culture ... misses the point on divisive social contextualism ...

Hieronymus-Bosch, 'A-Violent-Forcing-Of-The-Frog'

mass hysteria 
mass hypnosis 
mass times velocity 
mass controls 
we amass roles 
titles and rites ...

rights we deign 
we are empty 
we are set 
with algorithms 
kings and queens ...

upon now 
the mod look 
is back in ...

kingdom of heaven 
underworld salvation 
father time 
the milkweed is bending 
and beginning to flower 
it reminds one 
sweet nascent summer 
pollen heavy redolent 
drapery clock works 
an if but then rodents 
needing us we needing them ...

the garbage problem 
of our naked ape species 
never went away 
and now its art 
to bane to art again 
ad nauseam 

rose pose rose 
thorns and horns 
the sumac 
is blushing 
womb petting traffic 
we laugh sick 
word is 
insurance is expensive 
so we get ready 
for the Rumpelstiltskin clauses and all that makes us wonder 
awfully in awe still and or are our gills not working yet/ the water 
that rained from space you placed an additional sequencing 
into the bell jars and away we went 
looky-looking seeking 
rabbit holes 
and destiny 
on the corner ...

it was 
way past midnight 
right about when 
Humpty Dumpty was 
peaking, falling 
we were flying we said 
because then our stories made 
the bruises seem important enough to remember 
why it is we came this way 
another end 
in poem ...



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    1. where for art thou
      one might reside
      sleep deprived ...

    2. I fell into the mystery of another day
      my words scattered, thoughts went astray

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