June 20, 2017

When writing a Joe Hollander poem ...

give me the artifice and the daydreams : 
what I am when poem 
what in me bleeds 
mostly at night 
when the dew 
takes inventory 
of every story 
telling or told ...    

(this is a vague recollection of observation 
a filling in with fuzzy truth though I feel it to 
be an elucidation for us 
to fall into 
at least a well 
and sometimes 
good enough to drown 
joy and sorrows 
between these 
for example 
culling and cunning 
share the same tailor)
two 10mg V's, one trumpet joint 
and four margaritas later 
I'm stealing crystal ashtrays 
from the dark Beverwyck 
green glass and brass 
stuffing 'em in a long coat 
then clanging-ly stumbling up Lark 
towards the Q ... 

oh and to snapshot 
the proof of ransom's need 
the sweet corn 
is approaching knee high length 
that's what the tomato divas said 
to end the poem with anyways 
Fourth of July 
Julius Caesar 
and all that jazz ...


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