February 10, 2017

revisiting Jonestown

potus is a punchline puppet 
self contained 
in preordained cult personality 
he smirks in an animal house 
and farmed "wait'll otis sees us, he loves us" look 
a look that says "you'll see" 
love is not the only weapon 

(this poem is subtitled can you order 
a Yemeni raid like room service in bathrobe)

so it is okay to kill children at a funeral 
or social gathering as long 
as they're deemed enemies 
as long as you're America first 
as long as you're feeling scared 
and wanting everyone "saved" 
as long as all is in order to 
appropriate reasons 
as ways of weighing treasons
and perceived trespasses against you 

all the news is fake now some is real fake 
though, gold flaked sluice addled 
swung low chariot pan handled 
the pace and stake 
of progress in humanity's heart 
and mind, would kill an elephant 
who might spend the rest 
of its long pachyderm-ish life 
in alimentary anguish 
over feeling 
the deep seeded 
need for humans 
to be fish again 

out of sight) 

how blind 
we have Bcome 

CODA=remember you are being called out into the light 
to see if you will fight for what Love means to you 
question everything 
find answers 
looking for you 
from within your 
journey ... 

outside sources 
are meant to sidetrack 
the descent of heaven 
into your exhales 



*Concrete Blonde - Jonestown



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  2. all the news is fake now some is real fake

    That is so true today, I don't know what to believe anymore and heaven must surely believe many have lost their vision. Blinded by their own images of a
    world that is changing faster than we realize.