February 9, 2017

I believe ... truth is out there ...

eventually the selfish beings have to reveal themselves 
before departing this planet with their stolen loot ... 

not all the star people were kind and compassionate ...
please remember that ...

when repeating 
a ritualized 
algorithmic adherence to 
any and all emotional 
ports of call ... 

breakdown-of-insistence-angels ... 
wrangle resistance as futile 
when engaging in systems 
designed by those with purpose 
enough to obfuscate 
the entirety of their time 
on Earth ... 

with DNA wands 
in hand 
and a sense 
of curiosity 
gone awry 
We are the blessed bastards 
that continue to outpace 
expectations, how great 
is that ? ... 

I rather like this poem 
it's home to a feeling of 
how She found me 
another Oedipus 
on the beach 
blind ... 



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well thank you ... sometimes the music plays and I get to dance with nary a thought, outside of watching how the words weave stories that were once and always part of me ...

  2. star people were sent to help the world, perhaps some became caught up in their own aspirations and lost their way now they are a supernova burning into the dark abyss.

    who will light the way, who will drink the barefoot wines of life under the shimmering stars and remember where they once came...just pondering Edward...

    1. We might fight our light with asp per ration or the lash then shun or a mash tun full of grain in ferment ... this macabre glitter world is but what we are and I am beginning to realize it all depends entirely on how we bleed ... light , Love and lunacy ... ;)