January 14, 2017

mouthing my need for Mother Venus ...

going over the details always details the little plucked strings 
they sing they sting nettles metals seeded to sky we are crying 
the pigment slowly from out bodies turning everything into cancers 
we need to die in large culls the hulls of the infinity's divine carriage 
running right over the unquantifable number of souls left behind 
duped by processes of progress progressives aggressives in angry get backs 
conservatives perverse reverse-ists constrictionalists really both seedy bitches 
with itches for the riches and nothing more the real crumb whores of voodoo economic times 

interlude from psy ops dj the transmission is mostly garbled but I have a decoder ring ... 

 curtain-ing stain like ribbons of razors explaining 
why the air seems flooded with blood, hey who are we ...
 the chorus shouts ...we don't know yet ... 
looming snickeries offstage say good ... 
we shudder make them sound like palpatine ... 
serpentine ways to get high and we accept these trespasses 
and moral morasses as payment to keep hold of our souls
 for at least a little bit longer ... another cup of joe ... 
I remember Holland was this place that made me aware 
I was human and divine ... wax and tracks never look back 
sometimes when the whole kaboodle army is waiting 
weighting you down government mule loaded with sponges 
you are crossing the rivers so the masters feet can be washed 
on the other sides of things you wave at in your paraded memories 
and jar-jogging ritual trumpet and bass drum cedes ... 
meanwhile strung lament for the enemy bent on our demise 
is like hey don't take away my favorite way of dying 
while nobody minds the candy store 
and the curved glass of old deli 
and general store ware displays 
cabinets of dry goods 
and ice boxed things 
like chocolates 
in the summertime 
remembering pure being 
is how a child sees and 
never feeling so good 
when adulthood 
is misunderstood 
as not needing 
the beautiful bleeding 
of feasible reason 
when the wonder 
and joy of things 
are needing you 
remembering pure being 

<fade out lights from black violet range 
to ground swept pierce poked fingers 
against the ever present and hungry dark>

 (haarp the herald charlie rangels sing) ... 

the left cries evita 
the right cries god and country 
and the middle, well 
they're fit to fiddles 
and spent like penny candy 
and gasoline when endless Summer 
comes to be a needed ally near when it seems the ends of things ... 

Women and dark energy/dark matter emergence 
will lead the nurturing fight to super seed Love's scent
 over the sentient selfish beings 
cabal callous cow bell-ed 
with sold sanctuaries 
of ingrained philosophies of greed ... 

and those that are pillaging the light 
will have to reveal themselves 
if they have any intentions 
of leaving this plane/planet 
with their stolen loot ... 

at that point the invocations 
of spiritual war will crystallize
 and we shall have opportunity 
to hit the reset beset with lamentations 
I need to be Loved unconditionally 
and when so embraced 
there is only a You 
I've dreamed of 
there waiting again 
in my heart ... 


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