January 17, 2017

(I hope always, to be) Guilty of being human

children killed in the Ghouta chemical attack
photographer unknown

(where is the Love playing
on the jukebox voice-over
by Morgan Freeman)

We're charged 
with a conservancy of Life 
by ways of Love  
if We rebuke this in Ourselves 
then the plastics have won 
the soul breaks down ... 

Yes, caring and care 
the eyes surrender 
to the nose 
as We move past 
piety, petty and politics 
because being human 
means even if You 
think You have right ... 
You never fucking 
use Your God 
or Mine for that matter 
to kill children 
be they Yours  
or Your enemies 

because every enemy 
is painted as one need 
atop another bleeding 
something paid 
stated that way 
to not seem so 
being human, charged 
with a conservancy of Life 
by way of Love 



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  2. The innocence of children... lost ..betrayed by adults who think they know what is right...so sad...