December 27, 2016

america in shadow afternoon folding chairs ............................................ public housing elderly drinking beer

all of my wholly hole-y me see sight wants to be the nose memory 
is two dimensional flat paint widows against the west leaning 
hemlock seems reasonable write Socrates down on my knees 
the begging pleas wonder ebb slow bared raw low tide pulse 
winter nights dream escaping by the sea with all my Goddess 
and Witch paramount heart beat wander to wheat 
the threshing of soul is done with the womb 
and it stands to reason and ration you can make 
Schrödinger's cat kill the cat 
or feed it veal and rice if you'd like 
carom cart peddler bones as we amplified comfort 
and convenience the belfries began taking over the gloaming 
portal wicked dark velvety birth petals falling awareness 
calling all the corners you've turned to corridor poems 
with sacred mathematics woven into the ways the words 
spill spawn spurn the body is a shattered seed 
maternal needing bleeding for 
through door and pail 
cross and nail 
everyone hears the wavers 
traffic patterns to dive in to your mind ...

winterberries feed the birds 
cardinals and sparrows mostly 
the crows eat everything we litter in a hurry to secure or 
sanctify a future we feel we know is best for the moment 
white horses black horses 
roan clouds and keeping chickens happy by playing funk music 
I imagine the Meters and P-Funk 
makes the eggs have wobble golden yolks 
womb puddings and room to stretch out and draw 
your self curtain crayon marker on the wall 
the variances required for this kind of theater 
it occurred to me will be 
a forest labyrinthine mechanical nickel ride 'atthe launderette 
a pop up restaurant happened to follow me home one night 
when I smoked kush in an alley near river street 
it knew I would be hungry after looking longingly 
lovingly at the way streetlights clothe buildings 
I could feel the seep blanket slide of the Hudson 
tongue lapping gauze poems over the mix 
of stone wood metal and asphalt 

shh the basilisk 
can see me 
I'm covered in mirrors 
it starts speaking to me 
in bugs bunny cartoon expressions 
jumble poems 
I need a wide view to get 
but can't avoid looking 
into the finer details 
of what drives me to keep looking 
when baited 
weighted to scent 
waded to sent 
waited when 

the elevator stopped at the gyroscopic word section 
I floated over Your bosom 
slid my hand where 
once there You laughed 
and said Yes this is why 
sometimes You got to leap 
and chance the abyss 

She had bubblegum phrases 
in each of Her expressions 
flavors all over the globe 
bergamot undulations 
She made eggs that sang 
bee balm ached sweaty palms 
sewn into what called you 
into this very day 
table window coffee 
May maybe mammary momma warm wood grain 
as the crows fly fantasy mythology 
articulations crawling the Dawn 
trembling with a cling 
dew feeds us when 
three faces of Eve threaded weave 
I spend myself the pain slow it down bell echo 
these scars are patina 
poem says 
mostly all you glitter with 
is a dusty hue 
the soul 
in fade light soft slag 
and tales told without words 
favorite things like certain foods 
at certain times of year 
can bring a Robin Goodfellow 
from the barrens and woods 
and plain clothes policemen follow me 
you're paranoid poem says 
yes and tourniquet-ed-ly so 
moppet fop fizzy busy dizzy from too much spinning 
winning some kind of race that seemed incalculable to comprehend 
but you're in it racing drumming strumming 
smells inside of smells and rituals 
old notebooks I kept they tell 
I am going crazy 
not nearly perceptible 
but discernible if you close your eyes 
and lean into my desperate 
my likely outcome roll of the die 
timble tumble tamble tune 
I hear myself clay iron rain mountain 
and how time says to ghost water with 
transport by memory duty 
like crows in the sky 
cream clouding the tea 
when that sometime 
summons time 
when an old soul dies  

 EJR ©

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