September 11, 2016

eye parked electromagnetic radiation aka ................................................. why wombs are salty without lanterns

with an arc ark spark virus pan 
the seed forest full of pines dry 
in a hot summer bodes well 
for fire and then the reach humanity 
what reaches into me/we as if I/we am bleeding 
put the hard path in the way 
as if time knows each algorithm 
each change of tune 
deemed not crazy is crazy 
though some would say 
eye oui easily are only writing hackneyed gadfly-isms 
and the hunger gut circuses of survival that appear 

I like to put myself through 
every difficult pace I can 
in order to earn my humanity 
for this body is mere, a were form  
a thought or a poem 
given observation 
and contextual language 
to weave the occasional 
passersby leaning in...

what was righting 
the word again  
b\\room country swing 
swig a licious accordion velvet tails 
we sought comfort 
in uneasy at first glances 
prances upon the sabbats 
in song we belong here 
I thought we I thought me 
or at least the beast 
that resides inside my mind 
when the light, I shine with 
doesn't necessarily fit the dark ...


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