September 13, 2016

a recycling wishing bird is bones and buttons

sews its song sounds 
when we ache 
with desire 
to feel or 
not to feel 

is this our best vulnerable face 
do we cede bleeding here 
to stave off our depletion 
does this save us 
our vulnerable core 
from more whoring ourselves 
completely to a comfortable cage 
of our own design 

at least this poet believes 
vine dying is epidemic 
and a direct correlation 
of modernity's strive 
its caucus red tide religions 

its supposing by decrees, degrees in tomes 
we need large kill-offs instead of homes
for some sort of balance mechanism 
ballast for the gigantic tanks of gas 
imagined divine purpose produces 
as an offshoot of imperialism's want 
never to die while eating the bodies 
but not chewing thorough-
ly as souls come and go 
dressed savory to sweet 
bitter, sour and between 
from the ones to the nines ...


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