July 5, 2016

sometimes I'm form of shape of, egghead devil may care ...


an amniotic amitosis poem 
dividing divinity portrait 
promised laureates 
back siding 
my booty loving 
sunny dispositions 
each paired 
to when where 
wearing their  
inevitable fall 
I fell in love 
with the broken 
pieces I'd collected 

what velvet wicked comes 
from our beautiful hubris 
starting out as butterfly seeking 
strange ways we live when 
constricted to flying fleeced 
temporary forever(s) 
spoken as words 
only vaguely remembered 

I want her and her and her too 
give them all to me one at a time 
you see the nose knows 
and the mind finds time 
for them all 
even if in real life 
magic used 
is to save 
something from some one 
some one from something
the poems know 
need of soul 
to stretch out 
now and t hen 
rooster, crow 
and every dive 
for feed 
and pearls ...


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