July 3, 2016

she said I was fire and she wind and that she wanted to burn things, do I mind if she rode for awhile ... I imagine her living near a warm sea ...

images by Masami Teraoka © 

she said 
I am Lilith 
follow or lead 
matters not you 
Eve never deceived 

wind will sit split rinds 
still slit silt cult quilt-ed 
flicking quickly 
any pattern sought 
when chaos fought 
cutting you immutably 
from any bones 
you plan claimed 
articulation it seems 
is one life 
at a time 
we walk o'er Summer's body 
reposed posed tomatoes and berries 
cover her in
the listless buggy air 

this is a fantasy poem 
where I am fucking 
a mythical crush velvet 
causeway in the dark 
what thought fought 
a machete through 
be it reality 
or what was 
each breath sweated 
out with tequila 
and limes, for 

I fantasize 
coconut vanilla floral 
\tonal forehead sheen 
a taste of salty 
sweet skin kinship 
in mid riff 
and bend 
circus foolery 

the jewel reeds 
are laced leaning 
positioning the self 
to be poisoned 
in all her ivy 

"day of the triffids"

the pace 
of beg and conquer 
uncertain too 
panel walls 
odd angle poems 
distilled potent 
wave pinch circuitry 
like reels 
small theaters 
borrow from each 
other to steal the empty 
from a waiting audience 

does she do squat thrusts 
short hem seam tills 
the clay red spills 
signature-d mist rise 
afternoon rain 
language hanged 
silent parishioners 
went seeking salvation 
in little desires 
they held onto 
knowing somehow 
divinity kept some 
for themselves 
post diluvian, too 


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