June 2, 2016

What superhero did you ever want to be ... ?

Marcello Mastroianni in
'La Dolce Vita', 1960

This question has always stopped me in my tracks 
a poet paused in rumination after rumination, flickering 
vignette-d life, old celluloid splashes against a brick alley wall 
the staccato sound of a film wheel going round and round 
light housing dark projection, find the story veined with you 
you see, I would imagine myself super, a court mimic of scene
I would run through all the powers I might want 
all the abilities I could use for selfish to selfless reasons 
and it occurred to me, I have always wanted to be 
young, middle aged or elderly, Marcello Mastroianni ... 

EJR © 

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